Decision Calculator

In order to make a decision with the calculator, first enter the subject to be decided (e.g City to live). Then select the number of options (e.g New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago) and criteria (e.g Cost of living, job opportunities, traffic). Finally, weight each criterion according to their importance, score each option according to all criteria and then click the calculate button.

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Decision Calculator
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  1. e.g City to live
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  4. e.g Cost of living

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What is a decision?

The word means the exact judgment given by thinking about a job or problem.

How can we make the right decision?

When one or more of the options are to be preferred, a weighted average decision matrix is created to ensure that the right options are chosen based on selection criteria.

What is the weighted average decision matrix?

When making the right decision, firstly, evaluation criteria (criteria) are weighted with different values according to their importance, so that important criteria are high, and insignificant criteria are low. A weighted average decision table is created by writing the criteria and weights in the row headings and the options in the column headings. Then, each option is evaluated separately according to its compliance with these criteria, and appropriate options are scored with high scores and inappropriate options with low scores. The weighted average decision table is completed by making the relevant scores in the appropriate fields in the table.

How is the right decision made?

Weighted scores are found by multiplying the scores given for each option and criteria pair by the weighting coefficient of the relevant criterion. The total weighted score of the related options is also found by collecting the weighted scores calculated for each option. Then, these scores are ranked from high to low and it is decided that the option with the highest score is the most appropriate option and the option with the lowest score is the most inappropriate option.

For what purposes can the decision calculator be used?

Creating a weighted average decision matrix is one of the multi-criteria decision making methods. This method can be used as a decision making technique in businesses, as well as frequently used for other choices made in daily life. For example, important decisions such as the province or district to be lived in, the house to live, the university or university department to be studied may be taken.